Agenda 2018

Near-future landscapes
Where human creativity meets artificial intelligence

Thursday, may 17th

World’s several centres of gravity
Giovanni Fantasia – Managing Director, Nielsen Italia
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Women in chief
Maria Latella – Journalist, SKY TV

Chats with:

Patrizia Caraveo – Research Director, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF)
Katia Da Ros – Vice President and Managing Director, Irinox
Alessandra Losito – Wealth Management Director, Banca Pictet
Roberta Pinotti– Ministry of Defence.
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Friday, may 18th

Into the Future

Europe today and Brexit impact
Andrea Boltho – Emeritus Fellow, The Magdalen College Oxford
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Italy 4.0. The digital environment
Elio Catania – President, Confindustria Digitale
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The Reputation Economy
Michele Tesoro-Tess – Managing Director EMEA, The Reputation Institute
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Un fiume d’oro avvelena il nostro Paese
Andrea Cabrini meets Nicola Gratteri – Attorney of Catanzaro
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News from FMCG World

Evolving consumers: challenges
Christian Centonze — FMCG Solutions Leader, Nielsen Italia
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MD, a story of Italian excellence
Patrizio Podini — President, MD
Interviewed by:
Andrea Cabrini — Editor, Class CNBC
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Valsoia, a modern way of entrepreneurship
Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi — President, Valsoia
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Food for the future
Andrea Cabrini —  Editor, Class CNBC

Chats with:
Paolo Barilla — Vice-Chairman, Barilla
Marco Pedroni — President, Coop Italia
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Conduce John Tavolieri — Chief Technology & Operations Officer and President US Buy, Nielsen
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The incredible invention of intuitive AI
Maurice Conti  — Chief Innovation Officer, Alpha

The retail future isn’t about products – It’s about possibilities
Steve Laughlin — Vice President and General Manager, Global Consumer Industry IBM
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CyberSecurity in our daily business
Eric Dale — Chief Legal Officer, Nielsen
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Saturday, may 19th

Deep dive into the future

The fourth industrial revolution
Francesco Daveri — Professor of Macroeconomics, SDA Bocconi
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5G revolution
Aldo Bisio – Managing Director, Vodafone Italia

Interviewed by:
Andrea Cabrini – Editor, Class CNBC
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Mobility for the future
Sergio Solero – President and Managing Director, BMW Italia
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Innovation for consumer
Paola Scarpa — Director, Google Italy
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Humans and humanoids. Living with robots
Daniele Pucci — Researcher, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
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Man in the age of technology
Umberto Galimberti — Philosopher and psychoanalist
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Ethics in business
Mario Giordano – Journalist and writer
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New Landscapes

The future is today
Giovanni Fantasia – Managing Director, Nielsen Italy
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Italy was better before
Francesco Piccolo – Writer
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