9-10 September 2021

Linkontro NielsenIQ is back with a special event in Venice on September 9-10.

The meeting will be in twin format, involving the physical attendance of 200 CEOs and the virtual participation of 800/1000 attendees.

It will take place at the JW Marriott Resort, in the amazing location of Isola delle Rose, Venice.

We believe in the realization of this event as a strong signal of recovery/ a sign for a new beginning, a way to meet and build the foundations for Linkontro 2022.

Our priority is, as usual, ensuring maximum safety to our guests. For this reason, physical attendance will be kept only in case of favorable sanitary conditions.


Now: the future

(Dedicated to Valeria, who will be 20 in 2041)

The only way of changing the present towards the right direction is looking at it with the eyes of who is about to burn today. We must do it now, when everything that seems important is what we have earned in the past. The good of economic prosperity, savings, productive, intellectual and spiritual energy, who are still alive in a difficult society, but still democratic and cohesive enough. The bad of collective debts, of a public administration which struggles with past issues, while it should be focused on the future, of our fatigue in keeping up with innovation and profit creation, of increasing inequalities and non-inclusion. It’s the time of the ruins left by the Pandemic.

If we perceive the eyes of this girl who is about to burn, we immediately understand the importance of being accountable for meeting her future expectations, of respecting her rights, giving her voice and power that she doesn’t have yet.
Valeria was the great invention of a great entrepreneur: Michele Ferrero. He was describing her in this way, during an interview with Mario Calabresi from La Stampa on February 15: “Valeria is the owner of everything, the CEO, who can judge your success or your failure, the one you must respect and never betray, but understanding till the end. She’s the mother going grocery shopping, the grandmother, the aunt, our everyday consumer.”

What is Valeria asking us to do and understand now, while looking at us as from her 20s?

First of all, she’s asking us to be responsible for what we’re doing and deciding now, starting from choosing an entire constellation to guide our journey, together with that unique cold star: the polar attraction towards maximizing our profit.
Anglo-Saxon astronomers found the right acronym for three new stars: ESG. For this reason, we want to discuss how to improve the environment and the life quality of those who will populate our planet, when Valeria will desire to play in the garden with her friends.We’ll talk about what we can do to put people at the very center: employees, suppliers, or clients.

We must build inclusive organizations right now, with the aim of fostering personal and professional growth of women like Valeria, organizations that will respect personal rights, starting from privacy, for building an environment in which everyone is involved in the creation of common good. These are ethical and transparent companies, able to exercise a positive influence on markets and societies.

We will be reflecting on how much courage we need to change the world around us. With our investments, new technologies, the contracts we sign, the networks we build, the campaigns we carry out, and the people we collaborate with.

As soon as we could, we walked out the doors tired and uncertain, but hungry for the future.
A different future for us and, above all, for Valeria, who will live tomorrow the consequences of our choices today. We know that the required change is close to our minds, hearts and arms.
Linkontro has always put us together at less than one meter one from the other. The distance of a dialogue, of a hand shake, of a hug. The distance we need to understand and act together.

In this year of new beginning, we want to draw a new roadmap together, now that the territory has changed shape. We want to understand how personal wellbeing and the health of the Earth can be better combined through social, institutional and economic systems, renowned and rethought systems. We want to answer the necessity of a new meaning (the need for a purpose, which was already emerging before the Pandemic) to our way of living and acting, in businesses and in markets.

Convening 2021, this Linkontro special edition offers us the space for being and thinking. Together.

Prof. Vincenzo Perrone
Università Bocconi


Now: the Future
(dedicated to Valeria, who will be 20 in 2041)

Coordinates the sessions: Andrea Cabrini, Class CNBC Editor

Thursday 9th September, 2021



The memory of the future
Dedicated to Valeria, who will be 20 in 2041
Vincenzo Perrone / Bocconi University

Recovering from the Pandemic
Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Prize for Economy / Columbia University

The 10 challenges of Italy and Europe
Andrea Montanino / Chief Economist Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Alliance for Circular economy
Towards a sustainable transition
Catia Bastioli / CEO Novamont
Discussing with:
Tonia Cartolano / SkyTg24

Stories of beauty and genius
of an extraordinary Country
Mario Calabresi / Editor in Chief Chora

Friday 10th September, 2021


New prosperity horizons
the competitiveness future path
Eugenio Puddu / Partner / Deloitte

The bank next to companies
Fostering growth and innovation
Stefano Barrese / Bank of Territories- Intesa Sanpaolo

Running faster than the recovery
About responsibility and courage
Christian Centonze
Sales Leader Consumer Intelligence / NielsenIQ

Stefano Galli / Chairman Linkontro
in discussion with:
Francesco Pugliese / CEO / Conad
Irene Rizzoli / CEO / Delicius Rizzoli
Ambrogio Invernizzi / President / Inalpi
Marco Travaglia / President & CEO / Nestlé

Intervenes / Gilberto Pichetto Fratin
Vice Minister – Ministry of Economic Development


Digital transition
keeping the pace of modernity
Roberta Cocco / Councilor for Digital Transformation and Civic Services of the Municipality of Milan

People at the core of the transformation
Diversity and inclusion challenges
Francesca Vecchioni / President & Founder, Diversity

The condition of young people today
Thoughts and feelings
Umberto Galimberti / Philosopher


Renato Brunetta
Minister of simplification
and public administration

Conference closing