Protagonists in an exclusive showcase

Being a Linkontro sponsor allow companies to show themselves in an original and exclusive way in a relevant and professional context for the FMCG market.

Thanks to Linkontro companies can draw attention to their brands through dedicated spaces, branded activities and at the same time create meeting occasions with the FMCG business community. A qualified target oriented to innovation, future and interested in new commercial opportunities.

2019 Sponsors

For any further information regarding sponsorships please contact:
Ilaria Belmonte
T: +39 02 32118817


Activities and sharing

Networking moments between companies during Linkontro reflect the purpose of the event itself, the one of sharing.

Companies have the opportunity to communicate themselves not only through dedicated branded spaces but also sponsoring sports activities and evening shows. Thanks to these informal moments a surplus of creative energy is created, batteries are recharged and important networks are built.


Linkontro main players 2019

Every year Linkontro is a meeting and networking occasion for about 600 managers, professors and journalists. Companies participating at Linkontro are more than 200 between manufacturers, retailers, technological, digital and financial services and media. The exclusivity of this event is demonstrated by the presence of CEOs and the commercial top management of the companies.

Here Linkontro 2019 data.